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    Most Australians are inadequately prepared for the financial devastation that follows when losing a loved one. When a family loses one income due to injury or death, the ripple effect can be huge. Dependable life insurance cover means that you don’t have to worry about paying the bills in the aftermath of a tragedy, and can focus on what matters the most: your family.

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    Compare policies from up to 10 different life insurance companies to find a great deal on affordable coverage. Switching is easy and convenient; you choose a cheaper life insurance policy and we’ll help take care of the paperwork. There’s never any fee charged for our services, so we’ll save you time and money. When you compare life insurance with us, you make an informed decision about which policy offers your family the most value.

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How Frank Consolidated Policies & Saved $4,000 On Life Insurance


Comparing policies was his first step

Before he came to us, Frank was paying for three separate insurance policies that were costing him over $10,000 a year. He was frustrated and disappointed with his insurers but didn’t know where to start.

With the help from one of our Senior Advisers he was able to amalgamate his policies into one comprehensive plan. With a new yearly premium of $6,000, and an insurer that has paid out over $2 billion in claims to Australians over the past two years Frank’s family was better protected and he was paying less.

Frank has since returned to us and we’re helping him with his Income Protection claim. As he recovers from knee surgery this money will help him support his family while he’s unable to work.

How Maggie Saved On Life Insurance


Funding her premium through her Self-Managed Super Fund.

After years of paying premiums to the same insurer Maggie found herself in trouble when they suddenly refused to renew her policy. Due to a change in her health and her finances, she was told that no insurers would protect her. That’s when she came to us.

Our advisers were not only able to get Maggie the peace of mind that an underwritten life insurance policy brings; they also helped her save a few thousand dollars on her yearly premium. She was even able to save on her out of pocket expenses by opting to fund the new premium through her SMSF (self-managed super fund).

Maggie is now in the process of upping her cover to include a Trauma Insurance benefit with the help of one of our Senior Advisers.
With our help she’s making the journey from uninsurable to fully protected.

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ClearView Life Insurance FAQ


ClearView is a financial management company with three main business segments, including life insurance.

While a relatively new company, ClearView has won several awards and boasts a financially stable business model that is set for growth.

ClearView includes several different types of insurance to assist customers during life and in the event of death.


During its relatively short time in operation, ClearView has received several awards for its products and services. Its awards are from reputable organisations such as: Canstar, CoreData, Investment Trends, Dexx&r, and Money Magazine.   

Its most recent accolades include:

  • 2017 National winner Outstanding Value, LifeSolutions – Canstar Life Insurance
  • 2017 Overall winner, Matrix Planning Solutions – CoreData Licensee of the Year
  • 2017 Overall adviser satisfaction – Investment Trends Planner Risk
  • 2017 Risk Company of the Year Finalist – Money Management / Dexx&r Life
  • 2017 Income protection, LifeSolutions – Money Magazine Best of the Best

ClearView works to ensure its management teams have a thorough understanding of the life insurance and wealth management industries. Because they are experts in both fields, they can help guide customers towards all encompassing, long-term, financial solutions.

As ClearView is still a relatively new and small company, they pride themselves on their accessibility and approachability. They aim to listen to all of their clients to truly understand their priorities, lifestyles, and financial goals. Their service model is relationship-driven, and they want all of their customers to feel that they are an active part of the decision-making processes related to their policies.

Because of their close relationship with their clients, ClearView is able to get claimants healthy and back to work quickly. They were recognised by the Australiasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association for their efforts in this regard.

In addition to working closely with clients, ClearView also advocates for its clients and advisors in pushing for sensible life insurance and financial management reforms. Currently, they are working to open life insurance Approved Product Lists (APLs). This will ensure that advisors and clients have access to all relevant information in order to make the best decisions for their situations.

In its short time operating as ClearView, the company has maintained a strong financial grounding. As of 2017, it held over $415 million in net assets.  


ClearView offers several types of coverage options. They include:

Life Cover

ClearView’s Life cover is designed to ease the financial burden off of its customers’ families in the event of terminal illness or death. These policies pay out a lump sum that families can use for mortgages, other debts, and regular life expenses.

The types of available cover under the Life Cover plan include:

  •      Accident Only Cover
  •      Full Cover

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

ClearView’s TPD Cover pays out a lump sum in the event of a sickness or injury that leaves the policy owner totally and permanently disabled and unlikely to ever work again.

The payout is designed to help customers pay for their homes, attain quality rehabilitative services, and supplement their lost wages. As Income Protection Cover only covers up to 75% of lost income, Clearview’s TPD Cover can be used to make up for the shortfall.

Trauma Cover

ClearView’s Trauma Cover pays out a lump sum in the event of a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

The payout is designed to help customers access quality medical treatment or pay down debt. Policy owners have the option to choose a benefit amount of up to $2 million.

Income Protection Cover

ClearView’s Income Protection Cover pays an ongoing income while the policy owner is unable to work or until the end of the benefit period. It gives customers the option to cover up to 75% of their regular income and policy owners can choose benefit periods of 2 or 5 years; or up to age 60, 65, or 70 depending on their occupation.

The types of available cover under the Income Protection plan include:

  •      Accident Only Cover
  •      Full Cover

Business Expense Cover

ClearView’s Business Expense Cover is designed to help customers if they become sick or injured and are unable to effectively run their small business. This cover option helps cover the fixed operating expenses of the policy owner’s small business and pays out a monthly income of up to 1 year.

All of ClearView’s cover options have the following features:

  • Guaranteed renewable – After issuing a policy, ClearView will not change any terms, conditions, or premiums due to changes in life circumstances
  • Indexation – ClearView will automatically increase coverage amounts by 5% each year to ensure customer payouts keep up with inflation
  • Worldwide cover – Customers are covered at all times, all over the world
  • Guarantee of upgrade – ClearView gives its customers access to all new benefits and products as they are released

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Get your competitive quotes from our comprehensive panel of Life Insurance Partners.