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TAL Life Insurance Review

TAL was first established all the way back in 1869, when it was formed by the New Zealand government and called the Government Life Insurance Office. Back in 1990, it reached outside of New Zealand and began providing coverage to Australians. Since then, it has become the largest non-bank owned life insurance provider within all of Australia. TAL Life Limited was pre-viously called TOWER Australia Limited until the name changed in 2011. Also in 2011, TAL became a wholly-owned subsidy of Dai-ichi Life. TAL is highly rated by independent research houses that evaluate life insurance providers, and it promises to offer competitive market premi-ums to policyholders so they can get good value for their premium money.


TAL Life has earned many awards and accolades as a result of the insurance provider’s com-mitment to providing life insurance and to serving as an adviser within the Australian Market. In recent years, some of the notable honors that have been bestowed upon TAL for the insurance and service the company provides include the following:

  • Winner – Life Insurance Company of the Year 2012 (Australian Banking + Finance Awards)
  • Winner – Life Insurance Company of the Year 2012 (Australian Banking + Finance Awards)
  • Winner – Life Insurance Company of the Year 2011 (Australian Banking + Finance Awards)
  • Winner – Life & TPD Insurance Product Award 2011 (AFA/Plan for Life Awards)
  • Winner – Life Insurance Product of the Year 2011 (Australian Banking + Finance Awards)

TAL has a strong commitment to customer service and is focused on delivering the insurance coverage that Australians need in a timely manner. TAL provides Accelerated Protection so pol-icyholders can get coverage sooner and have the peace of mind of knowing their financial future is secure. TAL aims to ensure every Australian can apply for coverage quickly and simply, by making it possible to purchase policies through employers, through super funds, through advi-sors, and through online services.

TAL accepts both offline and online submissions and a full 85 percent of underwriting decisions are made within just three working days, so applicants aren’t forced to endure long waits before getting coverage. TAL guarantees level life cover up to age 70, with no increase in premiums for policyholders with a level policy until the anniversary date immediately preceding a policyholders 65th birthday.

  • Life Cover: TAL makes life cover available at an affordable cost to Australians who wish to make sure their loved ones are provided for if an untimely death occurs. To make it easier for Australians to purchase this important protection, insurance is available through TAL Su-per so affordable premiums may be paid out of a superannuation fund for those who wish to get life insurance protection without paying out-of-pocket. TAL Life also guarantees premium rates for level policies, so life cover will not increase until the policy anniversary date imme-diately before your 65th birthday.
  • TPD Insurance: TPD insurance is there to make sure you have the money you need if you become totally and permanently disabled. TAL makes it possible for clients to structure Own Occupation TPD. This coverage is available both inside and outside of your superannuation policy.
  • Critical Illness Plan: Critical illness plans ensure that if you develop a covered medical condi-tion, you have the money you need. With Critical Illness Premiere offered by TAL, there are 61 covered medical issues and early payments are available for certain medical problems including many female-related health concerns.
  • Income Protection Plan: TAL’s Income Protection Plan takes care of you if you have a con-dition that affects your ability to earn income. TAL’s Income Protection Premiere also in-cludes a 10-hour rule for clients whose conditions preclude them from working for more than 10 hours per week. Any occupational earnings during this limited workweek will not be used to offset your monthly benefit and you will be paid the full benefit available, the same as poli-cyholders who are deemed to have 100 percent losses.
  • Business Expense Plan: TAL’s business expense plan does not require proof of a net loss for a claim to be made. When you are disabled, business expenses will be paid. The turnover of the business will not affect insurance benefits.

TAL provides insurance coverage for more than 2.5 million Australians. In 2012, TAL paid out a total of $580.4 million in claims. This was up from $565 million in 2011.

A total of $300.4 million in payouts in 2011 went to life insurance beneficiaries after the death of the policyholder. Another $145.6 million was paid out in income protection and business ex-pense insurance. There were $43.7 million in payouts for policyholders with critical illness insur-ance and $75.3 million in payouts for those with total and permanent disability insurance cover-age

Claims may be made by contacting TAL by email or by phone at 1300 209 088. You will receive the appropriate forms necessary to make your claim after making your telephone call or sending your email request. You must complete all forms and provide appropriate required documenta-tion. The forms and documentation should be sent to:

TAL Retail Claims Team
TAL Life Limited
GPO Box 5380
Sydney NSW 2001

After the completed forms are received, a case manager will be assigned to assess your claim and provide assistance with anything necessary to complete the claim process.

TAL Life aims to provide incentives and rewards to covered policyholders. Examples of ad-vantages and rewards available to those who obtain coverage through TAL include:

  • Free critical illness coverage for children up to $10,000 in value when parents have a critical illness plan, a life plan, or a TPD plan.
  • Free coverage for certain occupationally-acquired conditions like HIV and Hepatitis B & C for medical care providers who have Critical Illness Premiere or Income Protection Critical Ill-ness coverage.
  • Grief counseling and financial planning benefits.
  • Guaranteed future insurability benefits, which make it possible to increase coverage after significant life events without needing to provide additional information about your health sta-tus.

1300 209 088- Local callers
+61 2 9996 8400- International callers
TAL Life Limited
GPO Box 5380
NSW 2001

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