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Compare life insurance from Asteron Life, one of Australia’s leading insurers.

We’re proud to work with Asteron Life, an award-winning Australian life insurer. Asteron Life wrote the very first life insurance policy in Australia, more than 179 years ago. The insurer continues to have a strong presence, paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in claims each year.

At Life Insurance Comparison, we’re focused on finding affordable life insurance that fits your situation. Whether you’re looking to increase cover, maintain your policy, or simply learn more about the benefits of life insurance, our life insurance specialists can help. We compare policies from our panel of trusted insurers, including Asteron Life, making it easy to save money on life cover. Enter your details above to get your free quote today.

Here’s what you need to know about Life Insurance Policies...
  • Most Australians are inadequately prepared for the financial devastation that follows when losing a loved one. When a family loses one income due to injury or death, the ripple effect can be huge. Dependable life insurance cover means that you don’t have to worry about paying the bills in the aftermath of a tragedy, and can focus on what matters the most: your family.
  • Compare policies from up to 9 different life insurance companies to find a great deal on affordable coverage. Switching is easy and convenient; you choose a cheaper life insurance policy and we’ll help take care of the paperwork. There’s never any fee charged for our services, so we’ll save you time and money. When you compare life insurance with us, you make an informed decision about which policy offers your family the most value.
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How Frank Consolidated Policies & Saved $4,000 On Life Insurance
Frank, NSW
Comparing policies was his first step

Before he came to us, Frank was paying for three separate insurance policies that were costing him over $10,000 a year. He was frustrated and disappointed with his insurers but didn’t know where to start.

With the help from one of our senior specialists he was able to amalgamate his policies into one comprehensive plan. With a new yearly premium of $6,000, and an insurer that has paid out over $2 billion in claims to Australians over the past two years Frank’s family was better protected and he was paying less.

Frank has since returned to us and we’re helping him with his Income Protection claim. As he recovers from knee surgery this money will help him support his family while he’s unable to work.

How Maggie Saved On Life Insurance
Maggie, VIC
Funding her premium through her Self-Managed Super Fund.

After years of paying premiums to the same insurer Maggie found herself in trouble when they suddenly refused to renew her policy. Due to a change in her health and her finances, she was told that no insurers would protect her. That’s when she came to us.

Our life insurance specialists were not only able to get Maggie the peace of mind that an underwritten life insurance policy brings; they also helped her save a few thousand dollars on her yearly premium. She was even able to save on her out of pocket expenses by opting to fund the new premium through her SMSF (self-managed super fund).

Maggie is now in the process of upping her cover to include a Trauma Insurance benefit with the help of one of our senior specialists.
With our help she’s making the journey from uninsurable to fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Who is Asteron Life?

Asteron Life wrote the very first life insurance policy in Australia more than 179 years ago. Today, Asteron Life remains a top trusted provider of life insurance throughout Australia. Asteron Life paid out more than $369 million in claims to 6,200 policyholders over the course of last year, providing much-needed help to families facing health crises or the death of a loved one.

Those who want a trusted and reliable life insurance provider offering a wide range of different types of cover can consider Asteron Life to get the coverage they need.

Q : What are the key features?

Asteron is a specialist insurance provider focused on offering high quality life insurance products that are designed to fit the lifestyles of customers. Asteron became the first major life insurance provider to offer no medical insurance coverage, allowing for a faster application process and more timely approval of your insurance application.

Specialist medical exams and mandatory ECGs are no longer required to obtain coverage and Asteron also allows you to use your own GP for some types of medical exams to secure coverage. Asteron also offers a broad range of Income Protection Insurance Options that require limited or no medical exams.

For those seeking TPD insurance, Asteron has made this process easier as well, reducing its eligibility period from six months to just three months. Claims can be made sooner, providing more immediate protection for you and your loved ones.

Asteron TPD cover, life cover, and income protection policies can be held through Super, including through a self-managed superannuation fund. Additional features include child cover; a waiver of premium options if you become disabled and unable to work; and a financial planning benefit to family members who receive a benefit payment under life cover. Asteron also offers Life Plus, a health and well-being program aimed at helping clients reach personal health and lifestyle goals.

Q : What types of cover are offered?

Asteron Life provides many different types of cover including:

  • Life Cover: Policyholders up to 75-years of age can get life insurance with no maximum coverage limits. Life Cover from Asteron also provides up to $10,000 of child coverage premium-free for each of your children with an adult policy. This ensure those you care about most are protected whether you face an untimely death or whether your children experience a serious injury.
  • Income Protection: Income protection can be purchased by those 62 and under to provide coverage in case of a serious illness or injury. Receive as much as 80 percent of your annual pre-tax salary to ensure your rent and bills are paid when you cope with serious medical issues.
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance: TPD cover can also be purchased by those 62 and under to provide financial protection in case of a disability. For most white collar occupations, it is possible to extend this coverage to age 70.
  • Trauma Cover: Trauma cover provides up to $2 million in payments if you become afflicted by one of more than 40 serious medical conditions. Trauma cover benefits pay out for a broad range of mild or major heart attacks, among other medical problems.
  • Business expenses: Office rent, utility bills, salaries, and other business expenses can be paid when you purchase up to $60,000 in business expenses insurance from Asteron.
Q : AMP Member Rewards?
  • A $15,000 loyalty funeral benefit to reward loyal customers.
  • Health Life Option and Healthy Plus Option, which provide discounts based on health information and other evidence of healthy lifestyle choices.
  • A discount of up to 20 percent on life cover premiums for meeting certain lifestyle and health criteria.
  • Up to $10,000 in child cover premium-free for each child you have, in the event of a serious illness or an injury.
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