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Self-Employed Aussies Get Smart With Income Protection Insurance

This is how smart Aussies are making the most of their Income Protection Insurance.

No sick days. No personal leave. That’s the reality when you’re self-employed. So how do you plan for the unexpected? How do you keep the lights on when you can’t work? Income protection provides you with ongoing payments (of up to 75% of your salary) that support you when you’re unable to work due to serious injury or illness.

If you’ve already got income protection you’ve made a great step towards securing your financials, but if you haven’t compared your options there’s a good chance you’re overpaying for your cover or missing out on crucial benefits . We’ve found that as seen on TV insurers can be charging up to 30% more than the insurers you’ll find on our panel**.

Life Insurance Comparison is helping self-employed Aussies get smarter income protection insurance. Not only can you compare the price of policy offerings from our panel of 10 trusted insurers, you can also discover ways to structure your premiums to have part or all of your out-of-pocket costs deducted from your super. Read on to find out how.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: Once you answer a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from up to 10 of Australia’s largest insurers. You may also be entitled to a free consultation.

One example of the ways our free quote service can help you is in the ways our advisers can help you set up your benefit. At the time of purchase they can help you establish an Agreed Value structure that locks in your benefit amount based on your current financials.

The alternative is that your Income Protection benefit would be calculated at the time it is to be paid, based on your financials from a set period of time (12 months to 3 years, depending on your insurer).

This can benefit contractors with incomes that are likely to vary, because it gives you the certainty of a previously established benefit amount. You’ll know the exact dollar value of the benefit you’ll receive.

You might know that income protection is tax deductible, that’s absolutely true – the price of your premiums can reduce your tax payable if you pay them upfront. Alternatively you can have your premiums deducted from your superannuation – that way you pay for it without the cost hurting your immediate cashflow.

But then you need to know that when you pay through your superannuation, your super fund owns your policy. That means that the condition you’re claiming for will need to meet strict conditions of release before you’re eligible to receive the cover you’ve been paying for.

But there’s an answer for that too – some insurers let you pay your premiums with Superlink. Where a percentage (often around 90%) is paid for through your super, and you pay the rest out of pocket BUT you remain the owner of the policy.

This gives you freedom when it comes to claims whilst reducing your immediate out-of-pocket expense. Superlink also gives you access to the benefits of an advised policy that aren’t available in the policies owned wholly by super funds.

Sound confusing? That’s because it is! And that’s where the expert life insurance specialists at Life Insurance Comparison can help. We’re here for you, to put the power back in your hands, and to make sure the money you pay into your insurance is working for you.

We know you don’t want to have to spend time working it all out in your head, so we do the hard work, and give you dollar figures that show you exactly what you could be saving.

If you want to join the thousands of Aussies we’ve already helped save, click here to fill out our form . From there our Life Insurance Specialists will get to work finding you the best quotes for your situation, and will be on hand to talk you through the whole process, including when it comes time to claim.

*‘Advised vs. Direct Income Protection’,, 16 March 2016.

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