Top Hiking Spots in and Around Newcastle

Love the outdoors? Need a getaway? Perhaps this year you’re looking to get in better shape. Whatever the reason, no one regrets going on a good hike. Come Monday morning, you’ll feel like you’ve really achieved something over the weekend.

Exploring Newcastle

There are plenty of places to spend the day walking if you live in or near Newcastle. While the city might not seem like the most lavish place on earth, you don’t have to look far to find nature reserve and walking paths.

If you’re visiting the area, you can get to know the region’s wildlife on a few of these walking and hiking paths. While there aren’t too many strenuous hiking trails in the area, you can try your hand at the Great North Walk if you want a challenge.

Green Point Walk

The Green Point Walk on the Green Point Foreshore Reserve will give you a day by the lake where you can walk, bike, relax on the grass for a picnic, or all of the above.

While the primary 3km track that runs alongside Lake Macquarie will get you outside & moving, it may not be the most challenging walk for those with higher fitness levels. If your goal is to break a sweat, there is another option for you. This track takes you from the lake into the nearby rainforest, where the paved walkway disappears under your feet.

There are also three lookouts where you can view the lake from above. You can hike your way up to these points, where you’ll be able to see all the way across Lake Macquarie to the shore on the other side.

If you want to take a picnic to the top of these points, you’ll find a bench and a table where you and the family can eat comfortably.


  • Only 3 km long
  • Moderate track – won’t be too difficult for most fitness levels
  • More strenuous track available for those wanting a challenge
  • Located on Lake Macquarie
  • Plenty of places to stop for picnics
  • About a half hour south of Newcastle

Glenrock State Conservation Area

Glenrock State Conservation Area is a fantastic place to visit that won’t take you far from the city. In fact, the conservation area is only minutes away from the Newcastle city centre.

This area provides the only glimpse of coastal wildlife you can find in the area. You can leisurely walk the coastline and spot a variety of plants and animals you’d otherwise have to travel hours to see.

If you want to cool off in the ocean water, the trails in the conservation area lead right to the beach.

Since it takes a bit of walking to get to the beach area, you’ll almost always be one of the few enjoying the weather. And who doesn’t want to take advantage of a private beach for a few hours? The Glenrock State Conservation Area is as close as it gets.

They also offer bike rentals if you want to try biking around the wilderness for a change.


  • 5 km away from Newcastle city centre
  • Borders the coast
  • Witness a vast array of different plant species
  • Easily accessible – you don’t need to be an advanced hiker
  • Bike rentals available

Blackbutt Reserve Nature Trails

If you want to find a walking trail that will entertain the whole family, take a look at the Blackbutt Reserve nature trails. The Blackbutt Reserve offers a host of entertainment opportunities, so your kids won’t get bored as they walk in the woods with you.

In fact, children receive free activity packs when they take a nature walk with the family. They can search for animals as you take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.


  • Fun for the whole family
  • Events available outside of nature walks
  • Located in Newcastle

The Great North Walk

The Great North Walk is one of the most ambitious walking/hiking trails in Australia. The full trail is 250 km long, so most people don’t complete the whole journey in one sitting.

The record time for the walk is 54 hours, and if you’re up for it, you can try to beat that time. Of course, most people will want to walk at their own pace and take in the scenery.

The trail takes you through diverse biomes along your route and is complete with camping sites, water stations, and places to stop to get food. You can bring your camping gear to spend a couple of weeks on the trail, or make a day trip out of it at one of the many starting locations.

One of the fantastic features of the Great North Walk is that you can start anywhere you want. The path traditionally begins in Sydney and ends in Newcastle, but nothing is stopping you from taking the trip in reverse.


  • 250 km-long path
  • A variety of entry points
  • The path starts/ends in Newcastle
  • Spend as long as you like on the track
  • Scenery to fit everyone’s preferences

Kooragang Wetlands

The Kooragang Wetlands offer 15 km of paved walking platforms, bike paths, and boardwalks for you to explore.

If you prefer fishing or bird-watching, you can always stop for a couple of hours to indulge along the way.

The Kooragang Wetland Rehabilitation Project is actively trying to preserve and rehabilitate the wildlife in the area. If you’re passionate about this cause, you can volunteer with their group to help keep the area safe, clean, and secure.


  • 15 km of paved walking track
  • Choose the distance you want to travel
  • Fishing spots along the route
  • Great spot for bird-watching

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