13 Ways to Turn Bruised or Overripe Produce into Something Delicious

We all have those weeks where we don’t end up eating the fruit we bought a few days prior, and more often than not we end up throwing the bruised or overripe produce away. What a waste!

Don’t give up on your old fruit and vegetables so easily. You can actually transform your less-than-appetising produce into something delicious! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite recipes featuring some of the most commonly wasted (but delicious) produce out there.


Turn your apples into latkes: If you grate your bruised or overripe apples, you can make a fritter that is just as delicious as the classic version. This is served well with coconut or Greek yogurt. For an example, check this recipe out.

Turn your apples into muffins: Everyone loves a good muffin, so why not reuse your apples by turning them into the perfect snack food. For a full recipe, click here.

Turn your apples into applesauce: Not the most creative use for your overripe fruit, but it is a delicious one. Applesauce will take your abundance of apples and give you this sweet treat that you can indulge in. Check out the full recipe!


Turn your bananas into banana bread: When it comes to baking banana bread, the browner the bananas are, the better. By incorporating bananas into your recipe, you turn neglected fruits on your counter into something very tasty. Check out the recipe here.

Turn your bananas into ice cream: For this masterful creation you are going to need one ingredient…ripe bananas. As soon as the yellow fruit starts getting too ripe to eat on its own, it’s time to chop them up and freeze them for a few hours. Then blend the bananas in a food processor or blender until the mixture turns pale and creamy. You can either serve immediately or freeze the ice cream in a loaf pan, then enjoy your frozen treat. For the full recipe, click here.

Turn your bananas into brownies: Do chocolate banana brownies sound yummy to you? Not only will these brownies allow you to use your overripe bananas, it’ll also give you’re your daily chocolate fix. Check the full recipe out here.


Turn your berries into blackberry scones: Scones are a perfect way to take advantage of fresh blackberries (especially your overly ripe ones). The fruit will act as a natural sweetener in this gorgeous yet simple treat. Check out the full recipe here.  

Turn your berries into blueberry smoothie bowls: By now we have all heard of the elusive acai bowl, but what about a good old-fashioned smoothie bowl? If you find a punnet of overripe blueberries chuck them in the freezer for a few hours. Later, blend them into a creamy smoothie bowl by adding dates, bananas (overripe is perfectly fine) and almond milk. For an example of a recipe, check this one out.

Turn your berries into raspberry lemon cake: One of the main benefits of using berries in baking is that even if the fruit is overripe or bruised, after a trip in the oven all that is left is sweetness. Raspberries are great for this! And the lemon tang is perfect for citrus dessert lovers. For the full recipe, look no further.

Turn your berries into strawberry rhubarb crisp: We’ve all had moments where we’ve bought ingredients we don’t end up using, whether it be from overstocking, buying too much junk food or simply being lazy. Instead of chucking out the strawberries and rhubarb (you were going to make a pie from) make a much simpler dessert known as rhubarb crisp (or crumble). Grab the full recipe here.

Turn your berries into jam: Instead of buying the supermarket jam, why not whip up your own? A quick jam recipe is a great way to use overripe strawberries. Check out the full recipe here.


Turn your lemons into lemon muffins: Muffins are a staple in any baker’s arsenal so why not utilise some bruised produce. Make incredible muffins with a cake-like texture and mouth-watering lemon zing. Check out the recipe here.

Turn your lemons into lemon bars: Though they may not be the quickest treats to make, the wait is worth it. The lemon flavour will shine through this dessert—so if you’re a fan of tangy lemon, you’ll simply love these bitey snacks. Check out the full recipe here.

There are plenty of ways to make use of your bruised or overripe produce, so don’t give up on your bad apples so easily! Not only will you be saving cash and devouring delicious treats, you’ll be doing your part for the environment by cutting down on your household waste.

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