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Aussies Without Life Insurance Risk Their Family’s Future, New Study Shows

Life insurance is a new year’s resolution that is easy to achieve and has a lasting impact for your family.

When it comes to life insurance, the famously laid-back Australian attitude may be putting families at risk. The results of a recent global study suggest that Australians are under-informed and over-confident about their need for life insurance.

When compared to other developed economies, Australians are less likely to hold life insurance of any kind and more likely to incorrectly judge the risks of illness, injury, or death. Australia also topped the table for misguided confidence – half of those surveyed believed that their chance of lost income from a disability was less than 10 percent.

Of course, Aussies aren’t as invincible as we’d like to believe. Statistics show that two-thirds of Australians have been disabled for more than a month. Whether it’s an illness or a sudden accident, unexpected events can knock the family finances for a loop. And when that happens, a lack of life cover can be devastating.

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It only takes a few minutes to find affordable life cover that can protect your family’s future. Instead of meeting with an often-costly insurance broker, you can compare policies online with Thousands of Australians are using this trusted service to get free quotes from up to 14 different insurers, all from the comfort of their own home.

Life insurance provides peace of mind for both young and mature families. With adequate health cover, you can be reassured knowing that if anything happened to you, your family’s day-to-day expenses – both large and small – will be taken care of. Furthermore, your debts won’t be passed on to your children. Without it, the financial effects can be huge.

Government benefits are unlikely to provide adequate cover for income loss, despite Aussie beliefs that it will cover 40 percent of lost income. If you think that taxpayer benefits can replace life insurance, think again. A lack of life insurance can leave a family vulnerable, forced to sell off assets to stay afloat.

You can take steps today to keep your family covered, both now and in the years to come. Compare life cover online to find a policy that fits your budget, and one of our insurance experts will help you get everything set up. They’ll provide advice that is tailored to your situation and get all of the paperwork sorted, so you don’t have to waste any time or money.

Why take risks when you don’t have to? Compare policies to find a great deal on life insurance – when you know your family is covered, it’s easy to have a no-worries attitude.

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