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How Would You Pay For A Forced Career Break?

This site is helping people protect their income from unplanned career breaks.

How would you pay the bills if you were forced to stop working? That’s the question being asked after new research from REST Industry Super revealed that ⅔ of working Australians will take at least one career break in their lives. Forced breaks due to health issues such as heart problems and cancer were revealed to be the most common.

With the average employer allowing for 10 days of sick leave each year, most Australians are financially unprepared for an unplanned career break or early retirement. If you’re anything like most Aussies you’ll need a consistent cash-flow for your mortgage repayments, rent, medical bills or just to keep food on the table.

Income protection insurance was created to give you financial support when you need it most, providing you with ongoing payments of up to 75% of your salary when you’re unable to work. This money is yours to use at your own discretion and, as a bonus, the premium you pay is generally tax deductible.

By partnering with a panel of 10 market-leading insurers that pay out billions to Australians each year, the team of life insurance specialists at Life Insurance Comparison are helping Australians find value for money Income Protection. We’re offering everyday Australians the power to compare protection products without having to fork out for a financial adviser.

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At Life Insurance Comparison you can discover income protection policies that you won’t find with direct insurers. Not only can you customise your level of cover, you’ll also have the freedom of no exit fees and no lock-in contracts.

Almost everybody knows somebody who has been forced to step away from work due to health issues or other hardships, but almost everybody assumes the same won’t happen to them. It’s not until we see hardship strike that we start to see the value in insurance.

Whether you decide to investigate income protection insurance or not, as risk-averse people we believe that it’s important plan for when things go wrong.

If something were to happen to you, would you be financially prepared to keep food on the table and a roof over your family’s heads’?

If you are of this or if this reality concerns you, income protection insurance might be the answer. Our Specialists can provide different structures for your premium payments, such as deducting the payment from your superannuation balance.

Our mission is to ensure that all our clients are protected from the everyday financial hardships that can hurt Australian families. We do the hard work for you, to help you find income protection and other life insurance cover that is both secure and affordable.

Our life insurance specialists are also on hand to assist with the whole process, especially when it comes time for you to make a claim. Thousands of Australian consumers have already made significant savings by using, to compare income protection insurance policies. Why not try our service today?

Contact us on 1300 904 624 or leave your details and one of our Life Insurance Specialists will get back to you for a confidential discussion. Find the insurance that you and your family really need.

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