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New Type of Life Insurance Policy Sweeps Australia

AIA Vitality program rewards users for healthy choices by offering discounted life insurance premiums

What if making healthy choices could lower your life insurance premium? Now it can, thanks to a new type of life insurance offered by AIA. This life insurance specialist is the 2nd biggest insurer in Australia and provides services to more than 3 million Australians.

AIA Australia put together a report that might change the way Australians buy life insurance. The report suggests that a third of all illness can be attributed to three controllable behaviors: smoking, excess alcohol use, and being overweight. These three factors can shave five years from Australians’ life expectancy and can cost Aussie taxpayers nearly $6 billion each year.

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Based on their findings, AIA has taken a new approach to life insurance with the launch of AIA Vitality. This rewards program already has over 7 million users in the UK, USA, South Africa, Singapore, China, and now Australia. Customers are responding positively to better health and discounted premiums, as well as a range of other rewards.

How does it work?

AIA Vitality is based on a system that motivates customers to improve their health, with the added benefit of saving them money. The program has a three-step approach:

  1. Know Your Health: Complete a personal health review to establish your current state of health.
  2. Improve Your Health: Select from a range of customised health goals and work to achieve them.
  3. Enjoy The Rewards: Earn points by meeting your goals, which you can then spend on rewards.

For example, if you are a smoker who wants to quit smoking, you can earn Vitality points by staying smoke-free for three months.You’ll also have access to a discounted smoking cessation program to help you meet your goals. Members can take advantage of discounted gym memberships and fitness accessories like Fitbits.

Points are earned through a range of activities including gym visits, uploading data from your fitness device, or by completing health screenings and reviews. Rewards points can be applied to life insurance premium discounts, spa packages, cinema tickets, travel discounts, and more. There is even an app to help you manage your membership.

How can I get started?

The first step to joining AIA Vitality is to get covered under an eligible AIA Australia life insurance policy. From there, you can join the program and start earning points – along with big discounts on life insurance.

Each healthy choice that you make – from going to the gym, eating well, and undergoing regular health screenings – can help you lower the cost of your life insurance. We can’t predict what life might throw at us, but we can take steps to manage those curve balls. Making sure you have good life insurance coverage and that you’re looking after your health puts you and your family on the path to success.

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