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Did you know there’s life insurance that pays while you’re still alive?

This insurance gives you financial support when you’re diagnosed with a serious illness or injury.

1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer by age 85. 57,000 heart attacks each year. Almost half a million of us are stroke survivors*.

These are common, life disrupting and expensive conditions to treat. But most of us are not prepared for them.

Trauma cover aims to prepare you for these life-upending illnesses, and protect against the financial impact they can have on your life.

In addition to the physical impact, treating these conditions can make you dig into your savings at a time when your ability to work is severely impaired. That’s where trauma cover comes in.

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Trauma insurance is designed to protect you when serious illness strikes. For a range of covered conditions, the insurer will pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed. This can provide you with much needed money to help with treatment and recovery.

Trauma cover helps you to prepare against these and many more life-altering, but common conditions, giving you and your family some much needed security when it’s needed most. You can insure yourself with a lump sum payment that is paid if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.

For example, you may choose to be covered for $500,000. If you were diagnosed with a cancer that is covered under the policy, your insurer would pay you the $500,000 once they had approved your claim. This money is yours to spend however you choose.

With trauma, you’ll find cover against certain cancers, heart and brain conditions, (including dementia, stroke and multiple sclerosis) and severe accidents resulting in permanent impairment.

This cover is readily available with every insurer from our panel of 9 industry leaders, and it’s far more affordable than you might imagine.

Best of all, the team at Life Insurance Comparison will compare prices across our panel of insurers to get you the cover you want, at the best price, all in the space of a single consultation.

Life will always catch you off guard, but you can be prepared. Australians insure our homes and our cars without a second thought, so why not insure yourself against the most common severe illnesses?

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