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The Purpose of Term Life Insurance

People have several reasons for needing to purchase a life insurance policy. Just a few of the reasons are:

• They will want to ensure that their children and surviving spouse can continue to live the lifestyle they have been living while the policyholder was alive,
• They will want to give their surviving spouses the means to continue to pay the mortgage so that the family doesn’t lose the house,
• They may have debts that will fall upon the surviving spouse alone to pay after a death,
• The survivors will need to pay funeral expenses in the event of an unexpected death,
• There may be medical costs to contend with after someone has died,
• They would like to fund their children’s college educations,
• The policyholder may wish to give a gift to a favorite charity.

How Much Term Life Insurance Is Needed?

The length of time that people will need to purchase term life insurance for depends on how long the policyholders will have obligations. For example, if the policyholders have children, they generally like to provide enough money to raise them until these children have reached adulthood and have graduated from college. The number of years left before this  occurs can be the number of years that people set their terms for when they purchase term life insurance.

They also need to calculate how much money will be needed to replace their salaries. To make the policy the most affordable, policyholders figure how much they spend each month on their expenses. They can then determine the amount of money that will pay only those costs for their set number of years.
Who Benefits from Term Life Insurance?
At the time that the policy is being written, the policyholders have the opportunity to name the people they would like to receive the money if they should pass away during the term. These people will be the beneficiaries, and they will be able to decide where the money will go after they have gained control of it.

People who are currently taking care of their families financially don’t have to concern themselves with what will happen to them if they aren’t there to do this any longer. They can continue to provide for their families after their deaths with a life insurance policy.

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