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Sarah’s Story: The cost of not having life insurance

Life insurance is a new year’s resolution that is easy to achieve and has a lasting impact for your family.

Life insurance can be tricky because it’s a purchase you hope you’ll never need to use. When you’re drawing up a family budget, it can be tempting to postpone life insurance, something that is often thought of as a luxury purchase. However, going without life cover can have devastating consequences, as Sarah from Wollongong found out firsthand.

Sarah and Adam met at a mutual friend’s wedding, and it wasn’t long before they had a wedding of their own. Within a few years they were living the life they’d always hoped for, raising two children while working hard to support their careers. Sarah loved her job as a florist, while Adam’s contracting business grew stronger with each passing year.

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The couple often talked about getting life insurance, usually after seeing an ad on television or hearing about how an unexpected death had affected a friend or family member. However, life got ahead of them as other expenses took priority: replacing an old washing machine, buying a reliable car, and covering school fees for Kyle and Katie.

When Adam was killed in a car accident two months after Kyle started high school, Sarah and the children were inconsolable. She’d never really thought about how the family would cope if a tragedy were to occur, because the thought was too painful. Now, it was her reality.

The funeral costs were surprisingly expensive, and Sarah was forced to start looking for a higher-paying job, which meant leaving the job she loved. As she worried about paying the mortgage and the bills on one income, Sarah kept replaying the times she and Adam had talked about life insurance. They’d resolved to get it ‘someday soon,’ but they had waited too long.

Sarah realised that there was still something she could do, and contacted an insurance specialist at In one phone conversation she got a clear picture of what kind of life insurance she could take out to protect 15-year-old Kyle and 13-year-old Katie, as well as a comparison quote from different insurers.

Sarah was surprised at how affordable her premium was, especially now that she knew firsthand how expensive not having life insurance could be. The consultant helped Sarah set up her policy, and Sarah was relieved that she’d finally done what she and Adam had talked about doing so many times.

As Sarah learned, thinking about getting life insurance isn’t the same as having life insurance when you need it the most. Visit today for a free quote on affordable coverage and find a policy you can count on.

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