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So what next?

Here are 4 important steps to follow when your new policy has been activated

  • 1

    Keep an eye out for your policy schedule, it should arrive in the post within 10 working days.

  • 2

    Check your policy details and make sure everything is correct. 9 things to check

    • 1

      Personal details: Check for any errors

    • 2

      Benefit amount: Make sure the benefit amount is the same that you previously agreed upon.

    • 3

      Premium amount: How much you have to pay for coverage.

    • 4

      Policy issue date: Check the policy issued date is correct.

    • 5

      Policy number: Make sure you know your policy number. We recommend highlighting it so it’s easy to find when you need it.

    • 6

      Risk class: Is your risk class correct? E.g. smoker versus non-smoker.

    • 7

      Beneficiary: Are your beneficiary details correct? Remember this is the person, persons, or organisation that receives your life insurance payout.Read more about Beneficiary

    • 8

      Name of the insured: Make sure the name of the person insured is correct (check for any spelling mistakes). The person insured is the one for whom the policy is purchased for and upon whose death, the policy will issue payment.

    • 9

      Name of the policy owner: Make sure the policy owner’s name is correct (check for any spelling mistakes). The policy owner/policyholder is the one who applied for, had set up the policy ad would be paying the premium. This person is the only one who has access to policy information and can change the beneficiaries listed on the policy.

    • Please take note that if you notice any errors or discrepancies in these details on your policy, please call us at 1300 904 624 so we can help get things sorted out!
  • 3

    Make sure you have sufficient funds in the account linked to your policy. Please note if the first premium is dishonored, your cover may no longer be active.

  • 4

    Discuss your policy with your loved ones to ensure they understand who your insurer is and where they can access the policy schedule.


Have more questions about your policy?

  • Q

    You will receive a policy renewal notice from your insurer, usually 4 weeks prior to your renewal period. The notice helps you understand the changes you can expect in your premium after renewal. Please call us at 1300 904 624 to discuss the changes in your policy premium.

  • Q

    Indexation simply means that the benefit or cover amount will increase each year as the cost of living increases. This is typically in line with the consumer price index (CPI) or 5% – whichever is greater. Your premium amount will increase at the same rate. You will have an option to opt-out of indexation after a 12 month period if you no longer wish for indexation to apply to your policy.

  • Q

    A nominated beneficiary (the person that the claim payments are paid to when the claim is processed and approved) can start by contacting us as soon as possible, so we can help them understand the process of making a claim. We recommend you to have all your documentation ready with any certification completed if required. Please click here to read more about how to make a claim

  • Q

    A certified copy is a copy of an original document signed and stamped by an authorised certifier who has checked it against the original document to ensure it is a true copy. In Australia, a range of authorised certifiers in your community can complete this including Medical Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, Court Officials, Justices of the Peace (JP), Full-time Primary or Secondary School Teachers, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, and Police Officers.
    If you don’t have a photocopier, most news-agencies offer this service. Take the original documents, such as your driver’s license, the insured’s driver’s license or evidence of death and your copies to an authorised person to sign, stamp and certify your copies as true and original.

  • Q

    Most insurers settle in a matter of days or weeks*(depending on the type of claim). Things can get complicated if a person failed to disclose their medical history in full. It can also take longer if there are multiple beneficiaries, or if the policy doesn’t have a nominated beneficiary.
    It’s also important to keep across premium payments. If they’re missed, a policy may become invalid.
    The insurer will need to complete due diligence before a payment is made. The insurer aims to complete this as quickly as possible however there can be a delay depending on the types of checks which might be required.*

We are here to help!

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Our life insurance specialists can help with:

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