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Make Life Insurance Comparison Work For You

If you do a simple online search for “Life Insurance Australia”, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of options available. With so many choices, how can you possibly know which one is right for you? As you peruse company web sites or pamphlets, you’ll notice that there are many similarities, and when there are differences, they may seem minute. So how can you know that you are making the best decision?

Know What’s Important

If you know which features are the most important ones for you, you’ll be able to focus on those and leave out all of the extraneous information. Most companies offer lots of information, which hooks readers and helps them connect with the brand. It’s necessary because it helps you get an idea of who the insurers are, but much of the information can be whittled down to the basic facts. Decide what’s important to you in a life insurance policy, such as:

  • How do they calculate premiums?
  • Does the premium change over the course of the policy?
  • Can I upgrade at different times to a different type of policy?

And so on. While most people have the same interests, there may be nuances in each individual’s needs, which is why different companies may suit different people. Every insurance company exists because there are people out there who need their coverage packages, and price is not the only criterion.

Make a Checklist

Create a master list of all companies that meet your general criteria, even if it’s a large list. Define your requirements, and list them in a grid. Tick which companies fit each requirement, and the result should be a large grid with many checks.

Once completed, look it over carefully. If you have lines with all ticks, meaning that company has met all of your requirements, cross off any company that does not. if not, count the greatest number of ticks you have for any one insurer, and cross off all companies that have fewer. You should be left with a few options from which to choose your life insurance cover. At that point, you may want to speak with their customer service team to get a sense of how well they deal with customers; this is a crucial feature to keep in mind.

Let Others do the work for You

Find web sites that compare life insurance policies and aggregate the results for you. You can see information about the insurers as well as their policies and prices, and these sites will have already done the research for you. They also provide information that helps you think about features you may not have considered, or that prompts you to ask important questions when speaking to a sales representative.

Get recommendations

One you’ve whittled down your possibilities, speak to people you know who who already have a life insurance policy and get their opinions. They have most likely done some research when they chose their policies, so they may already have the information that you need. They may also know about different features that you didn’t think of. Plus, they can give you the scoop on how good the policy is from a current user’s perspective.

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