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Life Insurance: Providing for Your Loved Ones

You might have many good years left to provide for your family.  You may have income protection insurance and other ways to safeguard your financial contributions for your family.  However, if you don’t have life insurance, you’re missing out on one way to provide for your loved ones if something happened to you.

The Basic Gist of Life Insurance

It is often said that life insurance is the most important insurance vehicle you can own.  There is certainly a case for it among those that aren’t required by law.

As insurance safeguards the buyer from the unexpected, life insurance guards one against one of the most devastating events that can take place (and be unexpected, of course): death.  If we knew when we were going to die, life insurance would become less important, as you could plan for it with an uncanny level of precision.  Let’s exit that dream world now, though.

Thus, we are left with the possibility of something occurring, be it an accident, illness, or something else that can set on us.  It is not at all pleasant to consider, but necessary to view in the well-being of who is left behind.  How would your family cope with the financial grief that would set in, in addition to the loss of you, if something happened?


Even if you aren’t the primary money-maker in the family, or one at all, it can have a profound financial impact.

Providing for Your Family

Some individuals get caught up in debts.  Thus, when they consider the value of life insurance, they focus in on certain items:

  • Mortgage and car loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Funeral and related expenses

In other words, you can become locked into what such an event would cost.  However, there is something much more to consider – ironically, it happens to be the title of this article.

Indeed, there is more to the story.  Providing for your family is an important part of life insurance.  Thus, if you are looking at term life insurance as a 40-year-old who helps provide for his or her family, you should look at your income.  If something were to happen to you, your family could be in severe financial trouble if that were to disappear.

Many choose to include the income in the overall value of the policy.  Hence, in addition to debts and other expenses, you could factor in the income that the family could still rely upon.  The policy would provide for the family.  And in this example, note that a term policy could be the way to go – you could then re-examine the needs when you compare life insurance later, which will likely decrease significantly as you near retirement age.


Life insurance fulfills an obvious financial need in a tough emotional situation.  Purchasing a life insurance policy could help the former needs in the trials of emotional pain.  With one, you can take care of expenses and other items.  Yet, it should not be overlooked that life insurance can keep providing for the family if something were to happen.  It might be time for a life insurance comparison today.

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