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Life Insurance for Couples

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Whether you are married, in a de facto relationship or simply sharing your life with someone you love, you likely do many things to show your partner you care. One of the most important things that you can do is to purchase life insurance and name your spouse or significant other as the beneficiary.

What is life insurance for couples?

Life insurance policies are purchased to insure an individual life. This means that when two people are in a couple relationship and they want to buy life insurance, two different policies must be purchased. A policy should be purchased for each member of the couple, with the other spouse or partner named as the beneficiary. This way, if either person passes away, the other will receive the death benefit and will be cared for.

Why is buying life insurance important for couples?

When you are part of a couple, you merge your life with your partner in many ways. You may share an apartment or a home together, take on a joint mortgage or vehicle loan, or have a credit card that you share. Your partner may be dependent upon your salary or income in order to meet the monthly bills.

You can purchase a life insurance policy to replace your income. You should consider what your total income is and the number of years you want to buy income replacement for your partner. You should also ensure that the death benefit is large enough to pay any debts that you want to repay when you pass away.

When should a couple buy life insurance?

It is a good idea to buy life insurance when you are young. Purchasing life insurance as newlyweds or when you are just starting out your life together is a smart choice because life insurance policies costs less for young people than they do for older people. You will be able to lock in lower costs over the time you have your term life insurance policy if you plan ahead and buy at an early age.

Should both members of the couple have a policy if only one works outside the home?

Both members of a couple make some type of contributions to the family. Even if one spouse or partner does not work outside the home, he or she likely provides caregiving services for children or elderly parents, as well as housekeeping services.

Cooking, cleaning, and running errands all have a value. If the person without an outside income passes away, the surviving spouse may need to hire someone to accomplish the tasks that were done by his partner before the untimely death. A death benefit can make it possible to ensure that the costs of getting household help are covered. The death benefit will also pay for funeral expenses for the deceased partner.

How much life insurance do couples need?

When deciding how much life insurance is required, the couple should consider their current and future financial obligations as well as the money they have saved. Add up the cost of everything you need the death benefit to cover (like repaying a mortgage and providing income replacement) and subtract from this amount the value of assets you currently have. The difference between the money required to accomplish goals and the money that you have saved is the amount of life insurance that should be purchased.

Should both couples have the same amount of life insurance?

In some cases, it can make sense to buy the same amount of life insurance coverage for each spouse or partner in a couple. In other situations, such as when one spouse makes considerably more money, it may make sense to buy a larger policy for one of the spouses and a smaller policy for the other. Be sure to discuss what each partner needs to feel financially secure in the event that an untimely death occurs.

Should both couples buy life insurance from the same company?

Although each spouse or partner will need a policy insuring his or her own life, it can make sense for both couples to buy their separate policies from the same insurer. This can streamline the process of shopping for couples life insurance and make it easier for the bill for the policy to be paid.

However, there are other circumstances where it may make sense to have different policies from different insurers if you can get better coverage at a lower cost using this approach. Be sure to shop around and compare different policies and providers so you can find the policies that are the best fit.

When should a couple buy more insurance coverage?

If you and your partner take on bigger financial obligations, like buying a new house, it can make sense to buy a larger life insurance policy. Likewise, having a baby usually means a lot of new financial expenditures and obligations and you should upgrade to a larger life insurance policy so you can provide for your child if you pass away.

You should re-evaluate your coverage needs periodically to ensure that you have the protection you need from your life insurance policy.

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