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Do you have kids over 16? It’s time to review your life insurance

As your kids age and grow less dependent on you, your life insurance needs change too.

When your kids are fully dependent on you, life insurance is an important tool to keep your family’s future secure. It can pay for school fees, medical bills and living expenses while your children aren’t able to support themselves or your partner.

But as they grow older your needs change and it might be the perfect time to change your cover to reduce your premiums. It might also be your last chance to lock in a fixed premium before you’re hit with increasingly unaffordable price hikes. is helping Aussie parents make the move to cheaper cover. You can quickly compare underwritten policies from 11 major insurers – that’s more than the big comparison sites you see advertised on TV.

Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Select your current age below.
Step 2: Once you answer a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from up to 11 of Australia’s largest insurers. You may also be entitled to a free consultation.

Many of our clients are unaware that life cover can protect you from much more than a death. For example, some of our insurers offer inclusive policies that can save you forking out for separate insurance such as Funeral or Accident cover. Life insurance can also include Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability Cover and Trauma Insurance. helps Aussies realise that life cover doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s actually possible to get a policy for less than the daily cost of your cup of coffee. You can even be supported by free advice over the phone to avoid the pitfalls of dodgy policies.

Thousands of Australians have used this online service since it launched to find a low price on life cover. You can find policies that offer the cover you want, and explore options that will ease the strain of premiums on your cash flow.

This cover can help you prepare for sudden tragedies that leave behind a financial gap in the family. Medical, school and household fees can hit twice as hard when there’s only one income to pay the bills. Sadly, studies have found that nearly half of families who lost a parent reported that their partner or parent’s death was completely unexpected**.

Whether you are earning an income or you stay-at-home, your contribution is still important and deserves to be secured. Life cover helps take the pressure off you and your partner by making sure they won’t have to worry about struggling to pay the mortgage or funeral costs.

To find a life insurance policy that works for you, visit or contact an in-house adviser today.

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Step 1: Select your state below.
Step 2: After answering a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes in your area and could be eligible for significant savings.'s online quote comparison tool makes it easy to get quotes from 12 Australia's biggest life insurers