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Here’s why you need a new life insurance policy in 2017

Life insurance is a new year’s resolution that is easy to achieve and has a lasting impact for your family.

Life insurance is not one-size-fits-all. As your lifestyle changes, you may find that you’ve outgrown your life insurance policy. Fortunately there’s an easy fix for that, and it may even save you some money.

When you compare life cover with, you can get a quick overview of prices across a range of providers. This makes it easy to compare life cover that suits your needs now, rather than continuing to pay for an outdated policy.

If any of the following life changes apply to you, then you need a new life insurance policy in the new year:

Started a family: When you have children, your life insurance becomes more important than ever. If you don’t adjust your policy to reflect this change, then your new family is not protected.

Got a larger mortgage: Upgrading your house means upgrading your life cover. Life insurance is designed to maintain your family’s standard of living should there be a loss of income. If you haven’t increased your benefits accordingly, then your insurance will not cover the costs of the new mortgage.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Quit smoking: Changes to your health can translate into changes to your life insurance premium. If you’ve recently quit smoking, it could lower your premium.

Changed jobs: A new job can come with a new salary, which affects your cost of living. If your life insurance is based on your old salary, it may not offer the coverage you need. Changing jobs sometimes means changing superannuation plans, and if your life insurance is tied into your super, this is a critical time to review your policy.

Improved your health: Like it or not, your health is directly related to your life insurance premium. When you get serious about getting healthy, that’s worth telling your insurer about. Compare policies to find out how much more affordable life insurance can be when you get serious about a healthy lifestyle.

These are just a few examples of major life changes that can affect your life cover. If you’ve been through these or any other changes, it’s worth re-evaluating your life cover in 2017.

Visit for a free quote, and a life insurance expert will be in touch for a quick chat about how you can get a better price on your coverage. A few minutes on the phone could save you money on your monthly premium and set you up with the appropriate life cover for your present situation.

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