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Insure Me Now is Australian owned and operated.

It offers two products: Superior Life Insurance Cover and SMSF Life Insurance Cover. It prides itself in being able to offer good-value products that are simple to understand and easy to apply for. You can apply for both online via the Insure Me Now website.

Hannover is the insurer behind Superior Life Insurance Cover. It’s a subsidiary of one of the biggest reinsurers in the world, Hannover Life Re. It’s been operating in Australia for more than sixty years and has a very strong financial rating.

  • Insure Me Now offers simplicity because it only has two life insurance products. These are Superior Life Insurance Cover and SMSF Life Insurance Cover.
  • Both products offer multiple benefits including payouts of up to AUS $1,500,000.
  • You can apply for the two products online. Neither requires blood or medical tests.
  • The two available products include Terminal Illness benefit. Certain rules may apply with the SMSF Life Insurance Cover.
  • You don’t need to worry about maintaining cover. Insure Me Now lets you do this regardless of any changes to your health, occupation or pastimes.
  • There’s an Advance Funeral Benefit of $10,000 payable from the life insurance benefit. This is to help with urgent funeral costs. Some restrictions may apply with the SMSF Life Insurance Cover.
  • Products offer worldwide 24/7 cover. That means you’ll always have protection wherever you are.
  • There’s an option to apply for up to $1,500,000 Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover. That’s there to help support you with your daily life should you suffer a major event that leaves you totally and permanently disabled. Restrictions may apply with the SMSF cover.
  • The Superior Life Insurance Cover has an option to apply for up to $500,000 Trauma cover. This provides financial support in the event that you suffer a covered serious illness such as malignant cancer or a heart attack.
  • Products include the automatic cost of living increases. These are up to 5% every year. This helps your cover retain its future value. Age limits apply.
  • There are flexible payment methods with no extra fees or charges.

Insure Me Now offers two types of life cover.

Superior Life Insurance Cover

Let’s say you died suddenly or were to suffer from a terminal illness. This cover is there to help you relax in the knowledge that your loved ones will receive financial care.

You can choose from a range of covers which will pay out lump sums of between $100,000 and $1,500,000.

The maximum cover will depend on how old you are when you take out the policy.

Claimants can use the cash for anything from paying off a mortgage to covering medical expenses.

Insure Me Now will make TPD and/or Trauma payments that apply within your pre-agreed policy conditions.

This policy is available to Australian residents aged 18-64. Provided you keep paying your premiums you’ll get uninterrupted cover for your entire life.

To be eligible for Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma cover, you must be 59 or under. Cover will continue up to the policy anniversary following your 65th birthday.

SMSF Life Insurance Cover

The trustees of self-managed superannuation funds may want to consider this cover for members of their particular fund. The cover pays a lump sum benefit on the death or terminal illness of an insured member.

You can apply for a life insurance benefit that ranges from $100,000 up to $1,500,000. The amount will depend on the age of the insured member when the policy begins.

You’ll be able to apply for SMSF Life Insurance Cover if the insured member is a member of your self managed superannuation fund. They must also be an Australian Resident aged between 18 and 64 years.

You can apply for Optional TPD cover for the insured member provided they are aged 59 or less and, if accepted, cover can carry on up to age 65.
This cover is only appropriate for trustees of self-managed superannuation funds to consider for up to a total of 4 members. You should check the governing rules of your fund and if you are in any doubt, you should seek advice.

Hannover Re is the insurer behind Superior Life Insurance Cover.

Between 2018 and 2019, it accepted 82.5 percent of death cover claims made directly through an insurer. Average claim times were 1.7 months.

There were 7.9 disputes per 100,000 lives insured and a 14.6 percent policy cancellation rate.

Insure Me Now says it tries to make sure claiming is as stress-free as possible.

Claimants need to follow several simple steps.

They should first call Insure Me Now to advise the company of an impending claim. This allows the company to run through the claims process.

Claimants will then need to fill in the necessary claims form. They’ll also need to gather together important documents. These will include things like a death certificate, birth certificate and passport.


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