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AMP Life Insurance

Please note: AMP is no longer taking on new customers. However, existing AMP customers can change or update their cover. 

AMP Life Insurance was originally founded as a non-profit life insurance provider in 1849. Over more than 160 years, AMP Life has developed to become one of the largest companies providing life insurance to Australians.

AMP has a network of more than 4,000 advisers and planners who help consumers to purchase life cover and other policies. In 2011, AMP merged with AXA to provide even more insurance coverage and financial assistance to individuals and businesses throughout Australia.

Today, AMP offers flexible policies for life and income protection, as well as many other types of coverage that protect Australians from life’s uncertainties.

AMP insurance plans offer many features designed to provide broad and comprehensive coverage to policyholders and designed to provide assistance to beneficiaries in their time of need.

Examples include a $15,000 funeral benefit, as well as an accommodation benefit to pay for reasonable expenses of immediate family members who accompany insured policyholders receiving treatment.

The sole owner and sole insured person of a life insurance policy can nominate beneficiaries, and when a policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he or she may elect to receive advanced payment of death cover under AMP’s policy guidelines.

AMP offers many different kinds of insurance coverage so every Australian can get the protection he or she needs from illness, disability, and death. Coverage options available through AMP include the following:

  • Life Cover: AMP Elevate Life Cover is available with no maximum cover limit, pending ap-proval by underwriting. Policies can be purchased up until age 70, and can be purchased by individuals, trusts, or trustees of self-managed super funds. There is also an option to pur-chase a life cover policy in your superannuation fund so premiums will not need to be paid with out-of-pocket funds.
  • Income insurance: Income insurance through AMP provides you with 75 percent of the amount of your earnings before you became disabled, in the event that you suffer an illness or an injury that renders you unable to earn income. Coverage is available to protect up to $60,000 in income. Income insurance may also be purchased through a superannuation plan.
  • Trauma Insurance: Elevate Trauma Insurance provided through AMP provides up to $2 mil-lion in a lump sum payment if you develop an illness or injury that your policy covers.
  • Business Expense Insurance: Up to 100 percent of your eligible ongoing business expenses will be paid by AMP Elevate Business Insurance if you become disabled.
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance: You may purchase between $50,000 and $5 mil-lion in coverage in case you become permanently disabled, as long as you are between ages 16 and 60.

AMP has approximately 5 million customers across Australia and Asia, as well as around 6,000 employees and 4,200 Australian financial planners who sell its policies. There are 1.2 million group insurance customers covered by AMP in Australia and the company manages almost $160 billion in assets. In 2011, AMP paid out $739.5 million in insurance claims to covered poli-cyholders.

Claims may be made by contacting AMP at 1800 304 653. A claims representative will provide you with information on the forms that must be completed, as well as on any necessary medical reports or other documentation that must be provided. All claims are paid in Australian dollars to Australian policyholders and beneficiaries

Members who obtain coverage through AMP receive benefits and advantages including:

  • Guaranteed future insurability: It is possible to increase life insurance coverage, total perma-nent disability cover, and trauma cover without a need to provide additional health or person-al information once you are already covered by an AMP policy.
  • Indexation: On your plan anniversary, your insured amount under your life protection plan increases automatically based on the increase in the CPI, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Waiver of premium option: Waiver of premiums are available on both individual life policies and nominated life policies.
  • Waiting periods for attempted return to work: If you return to work for a period of five or few-er days, your waiting period will not begin again so you will not experience a long delay be-fore you receive benefits just because you tried to resume working.
  • Financial planning benefits: Financial planning is built in to all policies.

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