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Four Things Women Need to Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance is a new year’s resolution that is easy to achieve and has a lasting impact for your family.

Australian women are less likely to hold life insurance than men, a move that could be putting their loved ones at risk. According to The Westpac Women Insurance Survey, 60% of women do not have life insurance cover because they find it too complicated.*

Life insurance could be one of the most important purchases many women ever make. Although it’s true that life insurance can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be—visit to discover how easy it is to find affordable life insurance.

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Here are four things that women need to know about life insurance:

  1. Life insurance isn’t just for couples or families

    It may be easier to dismiss the need for life insurance if you’re single or have no plans for children. However, it’s worth delving a bit deeper into your finances before opting out of life insurance. If something happens to you, any outstanding debts could fall to the people you leave behind, such as parents or grandparents. Without life insurance your mortgage, personal loan, or unpaid credit card debt could then become somebody else’s responsibility, not to mention expensive funeral arrangements. The good news is that life insurance premiums for singles can be lower than those for families.

  2. Stay-at-home parents can be insured

    Many families insure the breadwinner based on the largest potential loss of income. However, if you’re a stay-at-home parent, your contribution has value that can be insured. You don’t need to be earning a paycheck to be making a significant impact on your family’s finances. Without your efforts the family could incur a range of costs, particularly when it comes to child care. Many insurers are willing to attribute a monetary value on the work of a stay-at-home parent, which can be a huge safety net in the event of a tragedy.

  3. Your super might not be covering you

    The average family with young children would need life insurance coverage of $680,000. The average default cover provided by life insurance in a superannuation fund is $200,000.** If you think you’re covered by life insurance in super, you may only be covered for 30 percent of what your family needs.

  4. Life insurance is more affordable than you think

    Westpac’s survey also found that 26 percent of respondents reported that they were unable to afford a life insurance premium. If you think life cover is too expensive, try comparing with It only takes a few minutes to compare personalised cover from a range of trusted insurers, and a friendly consultant will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

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