Up Your Health Game: Top Wholefood Cafes in Sydney

Want to satisfy your mid-afternoon food cravings without feeling guilty? We have you covered.

You don’t have to go far to find a wholefood cafe in Sydney. There are dozens—each dishing up healthy, responsibly-sourced meals you won’t regret eating. 

Ahead are five of our top selections. If we missed any of your favourites, make sure to let us know! We’re always hunting for interesting places to eat and relax.

Bondi Wholefoods

Bondi Wholefoods offers a variety of organic meals that will meet almost anyone’s dietary needs. Bondi has locally-sourced produce that will satisfy your appetite whether you’re vegan or adhering to the paleo diet.

You can enjoy the breeze with your coffee on Bondi’s patio overlooking the courtyard, or choose to dine inside on a rainy afternoon. It’s the perfect place to stop for a light meal before a day at the beach.

There are plenty of lunch options as well, including locally caught salmon and a wide range of different salad concoctions. Of course, there are also several smoothie recipes that will give you the energy you need to attack the day.

It’s best to visit Bondi Wholefoods on the weekdays, as Saturday and Sunday can get a bit busy. You might have to wait a bit for a table, but the food is worth it.

The Hunter Works

A yummy breakfast cafe located in Balmain, The Hunter Works has dedicated itself to delivering delicious organic foods since their opening in 2014.

The Hunter Works is ideal for those who take pride in their local environment. While providing gorgeous organic coffee and pastries is a must; they go that bit further by doing their part to minimise waste.

The Hunter Works staff bring everything that they can’t reuse or re-purpose to the the local community garden as compost.

The breakfast and lunch menus rotate every few weeks, so there’s always something new to explore at The Hunter Works. You can find a variety of different coffees and teas to try, as well as pastries that will have your mouth watering.

Cali Press

Cali Press is inspired by the juicing culture in California that Founder Nick Bardetta discovered while visiting. He sought to bring the flavour of the West Coast of the US to Sydney and created Cali Press to do just that.

Instead of juicing fruit and vegetables through conventional methods, the staff at Cali Press use cold-pressing to keep the vitamins and nutrients intact.

Traditional juicers use a heated motor, which strips the fruits and vegetables of their full nutritional benefit. Cold-pressing your juices will get the most vitamins out of the ingredients and assists your body’s digestion so you’re always getting the most nutrients you can.

Cold-pressing fruit and vegetables is actually thought to be healthier than eating them raw. There’s no shortage of variety of juices at Cali Press, so you’re sure to find a mixture that will become your regular drink.

The Bondi location serves organic food as well, and you can choose to eat your vegetarian meals indoors or out by the beach. Nearly everything on their menu is vegan or vegetarian-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise ingredients.

Earth to Table

Julie Mitsios opened Earth to Table in 2002 and knows that healthy eating isn’t just a passing trend. “It’s nature’s medicine, not just a fad,” Mitsios told Daily Telegraph in an interview, “Eating food in its natural state was normal before we started processing.”

Mitsios took what she learned studying raw food preparation in the US and brought it to Earth to Table. Now, the cafe is one of the most popular wholefood cafes you’ll find in the area, with a variety of creative vegan-friendly dishes.

Here, you can find some classic dishes with vegan and vegetable alternatives. Earth to Table makes mock noodles and bread out of nuts and vegetables that rival the taste of the originals.

You may have already heard of Earth to Table from their raw pastries. The assortments are visibly stunning to the point where you don’t want to take a bite. Once you do, though, you’ll be stunned to find out that they’re all sugar-free.

Naked Foods

Naked Foods will give you the sense of community while you eat their healthy meals. You’ll sit at long, cafeteria-style tables while you munch on your organic eggs for breakfast or fresh salad for lunch.

You can also satisfy your thirst at Naked Foods. They sell local wines you can drink on the spot or take home to enjoy.

Naked Foods also offer customers a long list of cold-pressed juices, to give you that natural energy boost that’ll last for hours.

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