Top 6 Hikes in Perth to Get You Moving

Hiking is somewhat of an Australian pastime. It’s a customisable activity that gets you outside & moving.

It’s also known to help foster creativity, increase cardiovascular health, and promote happiness.

What’s more? Immersing yourself in nature on a hike is an easy and inexpensive way to clear your mind and get your blood flowing – and fortunately for Aussies, hiking destinations throughout the country are abundant and beautiful!

No matter where you are in Australia, there are hiking options for all ability levels nearby.

Here are some of the top hiking destinations near Perth that are sure to keep you energised and fit.

Bells Rapid Walk Trail

Bells Rapid Walk Trail is located about 25 minutes from Perth. There, you will find a 5.5 km walk trail that passes along the Swan River. Walkers and hikers will enjoy the scenic views of Bells Rapids and the beautiful countryside and coastal plains.

Lucky hikers might even spot a few grey kangaroos!

This trail is known for its abundance of Wandoo and Flooded Gum trees, Fuchsia Grevillea flowers, and Little Pied Cormorant birds.

You can expect to finish this scenic and stress-relieving path in less than hour.

If you are new to hiking or have some physical limitations, this is a great trail to try! It is suitable for hikers of all levels and is relatively flat.

Windan Bridge Loop

The Windan Bridge Loop is also located on the banks of the Swan River. However, this trail is located in the centre of Perth, making it easily accessible for city dwellers, business people, and travelers.

The Loop goes past Heirisson Island and walkers can view the picturesque parklands before heading into East Perth.

This trail is great for those after an easy hike while also providing access to galleries, public art displays, and cafes.

It is about 6.2 km and will take roughly two hours – or perhaps a little longer if you stop and enjoy some of the cultural attractions of the city (and we recommend you do).

Law Walk

The Law Walk trail is located in the beautiful Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. The park itself is located on the western edge of the central business district in Perth and is easily accessible from any part of the city.

The Law Walk trail is a 2.5 km bushland trail that provides scenic views of Swan River.

Those who walk this trail will get the opportunity to enjoy the vast biodiversity along the Mount Eliza escarpment. There, they see can many species of flocking birds and even some frolicking dolphins!

As this trail includes some steep sections, it is best for those with at least moderate fitness abilities and will take about 2 hours.

Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail

The Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail is located about 12 km northwest of Perth. This area is great for a day trip and hosts a magnificent beach with plenty of grassed areas and shade, a coastal bushland, and a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops.

If you are interested in history and culture, this trail is a must see! It celebrates the Centenary of Federation and highlights key events of the past 100 years. In addition to learning about historic sites and events, hikers can:

  •      View native plants and animals
  •      Enjoy dancing at the “Snakepit”
  •      Learn the history of local surf lifesaving
  •      Gain an appreciation for past tragedies

This trail consists of three loops (1.2 km, 2.9 km, 3.2 kim) and can be tailored to hikers with different abilities. Those who decide to complete all three loops should be prepared to commit to a 7.3 km hike that will take at least an hour.

Bibbulmun Track

Those interested in a longer and more intense hike should consider the Bibbulmun Track. This trail is known as Western Australia’s world-class long distance walking trail and stretches about 1000 km from Kalamunda to Albany.

Of course, walkers can choose to complete only sections of the trail, but those who are committed to completing the entire course should dedicate about seven weeks. Because of the length of this trail, hikers should plan for stops, food, and water before heading out.

But if you do decide to stick with the trail for the long haul, you will not be disappointed!

This track has some of the most beautiful and diverse terrain and natural resources in Australia’s South West. As it is an attraction for hikers all over the world, it is diligently maintained and relatively easy to navigate.

Ghost House Trail

The Ghost House Trail is another must-do for history and culture lovers and is considered on the top trails of the Perth area.    

This trail is located in the Yanchep National Park, about an hour north of Perth. It is about 12.4 km long and will take an entire day to complete.

But it will be a day well spent!

The trail loops from the manicured shores of Loch McNess to the wildness of the Yanchep National Park. While on the trail, hikers will get to discover the natural and cultural history of the wilderness areas of the National Park and can explore the landscape of the wetlands in the Swan Coastal Plain.

Hikers will enjoy viewing wildflowers, watching birds, exploring the ruins of the “Ghost House,” viewing limestone cliffs, and searching for the area’s koala colony.

This path is mostly easy, but does contain some rolling hills. Because of the hills and the length of the trail, hikers should have at least a moderate fitness ability to complete the track safely.

Did we forget your favourite hike or walking trail? Let us know! We love discovering new places and planning new adventures.

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