Get Inspired on Your Next Commute: 8 Podcasts You Need In Your Life

Video killed the radio star?

We disagree.

Introduce your ears to podcasts.

Giving viral videos a run for their money, podcasts are bringing radio stars back into the 21st century spotlight.

We’ve sorted through the sound waves to bring you 8 of the most influential podcasts you need to wrap your ears around, stat.

Hey, Cool Job!

Stuck in the 9 till 5 trap?

Sometimes all you need is a little motivational booster to pick yourself up and out of the daily grind.

That boost is Mary HK Choi and her podcast Hey, Cool Job! is just what the motivation levels need.

She interviews everyday people with those not-so common jobs. From musician scouts to paparazzi and even porn stars (don’t worry, it’s PG).

Mary delves into their daily life and opens up the reality of hard work and determination to get where they are today.

It’s funny, authentic and oh-so motivational.   

Hey, Cool Job!

Personal Best

If the name of this podcast turned you off, don’t panic. This is not a self-improvement podcast.

More so a self-improvement show for people who don’t like self-improvement stuff.

Still no? Give it a chance.

It’s hilarious, crazy and produces those warm and fuzzy feels.

Each episode starts out with some relatable person’s quest to achieve something.

The journeys are crazy but the solutions are simple.  

You can take it as a self-improvement motivator or just tune into the hilarious facepalm stories.

Either way, Personal Best will result in a smile.

Personal Best

The Body and The Beast

When two comedians come together to talk about mindfulness, emotional challenges and the effects of cruel insults, what do you get?

An inspirational discussion about the relationship between optimal health and body image, with splashes of wit.

Jamie and Dan talk all things fitness, food, social media, mindfulness and goals as well as conquer the hard topics like; why are baked beans so funny?

To answer that question, tune in here.

How I Built This

Ever wondered who the minds are behind some of the world’s best-known companies?

Guy Raz is your guy.

He chats with some of the best innovators and entrepreneurs of today and delves into the stories behind the movements they created.

Think big named brands like Starbucks, Lonely Planet, BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, Dell Computers, Wikipedia, Ben & Jerry’s (drool) and loads more.  

There are so many boss stories to hit every underdog in the feels.
How I Built This

Beyond The To-Do List

What’s the key to success?

Turns out failure is the main ingredient.

Beyond The To-Do List talks about everything from productivity to success and all the struggles in between.

Erik Fisher is the man behind the mic and he digs the secrets out from some of the most successful people.

Not only will you learn about productivity strategies for your professional and personal life, but you’ll learn something much more valuable: how to deal with failure.

Everyone experiences it, only the failures settle.

Beyond The To-Do List

School of Greatness

What makes a person great?

New York Time bestselling author and former athlete Lewis Howes takes us back to school to try and answer the complex question.

And it’s not simple.

Lewis brings in some of the greatest athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe to find answers.  

While there is no easy answer to achieving greatness, School of Greatness will have you dreaming big – and achieving big.

How great is that?

School of Greatness


Money and success might be important to you, but at the end of the day, happiness is the utmost important thing in life.

Author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, is on a mission to answer the question: how can we be happier?

Her podcast is the result of a lifetime of research compacted into a series of episodes streamed straight to your ears.

Could she have the answers to ultimate happiness?

Find out here.

The Party in My Plants

Yes, you read correctly.

The Party in My Plants is like a bible for those who like to be healthy yet also like to party.

Talia Pollock is the brains and voice behind the show and she’s unlike any other health and fitness advocate.

Sure, she talks about fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. But she’s real.

She understands pizza happens. Or was it donuts?

Either way, Talia’s approach to wellness is a breath of fresh air.

Her stories are hilarious, and her advice is genuine.

We think that’s pretty inspirational.

Party in My Plants

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