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Before You Compare Life Insurance: What’s Your Strategy?

Do you have a strategy to fulfill your life insurance needs?  As we have seen in this miniseries, you might want to pause before you compare life insurance policies.  Follow along for more on strategy, which finishes our short roundup of steps to take before moving on to the policies.

The Strategy in Life Insurance

Welcome to life insurance.  Don’t be confused: this is not car insurance, homeowners insurance, or business insurance.

In other words, there are some important elements that separate life insurance to your “average” type of life insurance policy:

  • You are under no legal obligation to purchase life insurance.  Nope, you won’t end up in jail for driving without insurance.
  • You can take your time.  When you purchase another insurance product, you need something to keep your continuous status as being “insured,” at least if you want to do it wisely.
  • You have categorically different options.
  • It’s not for you.  This comes along with plenty of other separating characteristics of life insurance.  As you can imagine, life insurance not being for you gives way to possibilities and other strategic elements; for instance, the amount can easily change over time (bringing further possibilities – see the previous bullet).

Understanding Your Needs = Strategy

You may be asking: “How on earth can I choose the right strategy?”  Well, to be honest, you’ll have to take each one and apply it to you – in other words, you simply won’t know unless you consider possible strategies with your situation.

The better you understand your needs, the better you will be able to decide upon the best strategy.  Of course, some knowledge about life insurance will help as well.  But at any rate, it is clear to see how these things can come together:

Imagine you have a family with young children, and you, a middle-aged adult with a spouse, are the only one who works in the family.  Now, as you look at sizeable life insurance policies in the event that something happens to you, you are attracted to high values but for term life insurance.  You see that you could then convert to a lower amount insurance plan when the time comes.

Thus, in 20 or 30 years, all of your children are on your own.  Looking at lower amounts for life insurance, you get a respectable rate.  Covering your spouse’s needs and the items you’ll leave behind, you do a good job of managing the situation.  Could you have done it in a different way?  Of course.


Take some time – but not too much time(!) – to evaluate where you are.  Perhaps locking in low life insurance rates is best for you, or you might come up with some other strategy.  Who knows; you might do term life insurance for 20 years as you save up and pay off debts, reducing your life insurance needs to very little.

Ponder what the best strategy looks like for you and your family.

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