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Before You Compare Life Insurance: The Possibility of Bundling

Are you looking to compare life insurance policies?  As we will discuss in this short article series, don’t be too quick to jump into policies and rates, at least in respect to learning about certain key points to increase your understanding.  We’ll kick off this series with one item that can change the way you compare life insurance policies, in the possibility of bundling.

What Is Bundling?

In the world of insurance, there are several discounts that might be available – from a security system on your home or car to direct debit on any insurance policy imaginable, generally speaking.  However, one stands atop all others in value, and that discount is bundling.

The idea is simple: while the average customer might have a company for their car insurance, and another for their homeowners insurance, and so forth – what would happen if a customer would combine these insurance needs and use one company?  That would certainly provide good business to the insurance company, such as if a customer had their home, car, and life insurance through a single provider.

This is what is known as bundling: putting more than one policy together with a single insurer.  It can provide huge savings, such as around 20% or 25% or so.

Talk to Your Current Insurers

While you might be tempted to compare life insurance policies from all insurers – and you should, just to see, of course – you might obtain significant savings with your current insurance companies.

Don’t be afraid to ask them if they offer life insurance products.  If you have a car insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, business insurance, and so forth, you should certainly see what the insurer offers in terms of life insurance.  They might have a significant discount offer, combined with great rates, that could make bundling with them for life insurance an easy decision.

Obtain a discount list (a good idea anyways, to see if you’re missing out on other discounts) to see what your insurer offers in terms of bundling.  Even if they don’t offer life insurance products, this can have an opposing force – you could get other insurance needs covered when you find a possible life insurance policy (i.e. taking out your car policy from a company offering you life insurance).

Always Look to Bundle

With the potential savings that bundling offers, looking to bundle insurance policies is a smart way to shop for life insurance, as well as any type of insurance.

Look to do this with your life insurance.  Perhaps your current insurer offers life insurance products, which would make that an obvious possibility to look into.  Alternatively, as you look for life insurance policies, maybe a bundling discount might offer savings across the board – and you could change some things in your coverage scheme.

Keep some of these items in mind as you consider life insurance.  This is an incredibly important type of insurance that deserves plenty of careful thought; maybe a bundling package might offer you a great deal of savings.

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