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Life Insurance for Over-40s

Life insurance is a new year’s resolution that is easy to achieve and has a lasting impact for your family.

Your 40s bring special considerations when it comes to life insurance. Instead of thinking about starting a family, you’re probably preparing to send your children off to university. You may want to make a career change, or start planning for retirement. Whatever your personal circumstances, life insurance can give you peace of mind as you get older.

Why life insurance?

Life insurance is often associated with death, but it can actually provide cover in a number of circumstances.

Insurers offer products that suit the over-40s, such as trauma, disability, and income protection cover. If you were injured, became ill, or passed away, how would the loss of your salary affect your family? Many over-40s still provide financial support to adult children or even to aging parents. Without the protection of life insurance, an unexpected event could lead to seriously tough times for you and your family.

Cheaper than you think…

When comparing life insurance policies, the first thing people want to know is how much the policy costs. Price is determined by a number of factors, including age and health. A 45-year-old may face higher premiums than a 25-year-old, but this isn’t the case with all policies. The type of policy you choose may impact the price more than your demographic. By taking the time to compare policies, life insurance can be an affordable investment for over-40s.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Policies for over-40s

As a forty-something adult, you have a range of options when it comes to life insurance products. Policies include Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection, or Death Cover. If you were diagnosed with cancer or were to lose your life in an accident but had sufficient life insurance, your family would be protected. In other words, they would not have to worry about money during a difficult emotional time.

Where to start

For many people, their 40s is a time when they think about purchasing life insurance for the first time. Sifting through all of the policies on the market can be an overwhelming experience. Comparing life insurance online with is a quick way to obtain free, comprehensive quotes from some of Australia’s leading insurers. Buying life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated, because it can be purchased online or over the phone. Using you can search for customised policies that match your life stage, giving you the assurance that your family will be covered financially if anything should happen to you.

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