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Annette’s story: Here’s why it pays to be prepared for everything life can throw at you

Everything changed for Annette when she received her diagnosis, but she was ready for the curveball with TPD insurance.

Over 4.4 million people in Australia are currently living with some form of disability according to the Australian Network on Disability*. In fact, over a third of Australia’s households include a person with a disability.

To those whose lives aren’t touched by disability, it’s easy to forget how common it is. It’s easy to forget how the way we live our lives could change in an instant, and it’s easy to take that for granted.

For Annette, everything changed when her doctor said that six-letter word: Cancer. A Synovial Sarcoma the size of a ping pong ball was growing in her foot. The only solution, to amputate as soon as possible.

As the owner and operator of her cafe this news was especially devastating. Would she be able to walk again? Would she even be able to stand? How would she get around the cafe, let alone run it?

Luckily for Annette she was covered by TPD insurance, and the money her insurer paid her helped her adjust her workplace and her home to fit her new mobility requirements, and get her life back on track.

Total and permanent disability insurance (or TPD) covers you with a lump sum payment that is paid to you if you become permanently disabled and unable to work.

This money can help with treatments, equipment and adjusting your home to meet your new mobility requirements.

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For Annette, this money was crucial in helping her thrive after her amputation. Typically a TPD claim is only paid if you can’t return to work. However, luckily for her, her policy also covered a form of modified TPD insurance.

Because she could return to work after her surgery, she was paid a portion of the amount she was insured for – just over $213,000. This gave her the boost she needed to prepare her home and workplace for her mobility needs.

Suffering a life-altering illness or injury will always be scary, but the challenges it presents don’t have to be insurmountable. None of us like to think about this happening to us, but the truth is that it does. It happens to people just like us, every day.

Luckily this cover is readily available with every insurer from our panel of 9 industry leaders, and it’s far more affordable than you might imagine.

Best of all, the team at Life Insurance Comparison will compare prices across our panel of insurers to get you the cover you want, at the best price, all in the space of a single consultation.

Life will always catch you off guard, but you can be prepared. Australians insure our homes and our cars without a second thought, so why not insure yourself too?

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