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    Life insurance is what keeps your family’s finances secure if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Life cover pays out a lump sum to your nominated beneficiaries that can be used however it is needed, which allows your family to maintain their lifestyle without suffering financially. At a time when your loved ones are grieving, not having to worry about money can make a big difference.

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    What types of life insurance are there?

    Term life insurance/Life Cover: A lump sum payment that goes to your beneficiaries if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Trauma Cover: If you are diagnosed with a major medical illness or suffer an injury, trauma cover provides a lump sum that can cover your short-term expenses while you’re in treatment and recovery.

    Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover: If you become totally and permanently disabled and are no longer able to work, TPD insurance provides a lump sum payment.

    Income Protection: If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness, income protection cover provides a monthly payment for a fixed period.

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How Frank Consolidated Policies & Saved $4,000 On Life Insurance


Comparing policies was his first step

Before he came to us, Frank was paying for three separate insurance policies that were costing him over $10,000 a year. He was frustrated and disappointed with his insurers but didn’t know where to start.

With the help from one of our Senior Advisers he was able to amalgamate his policies into one comprehensive plan. With a new yearly premium of $6,000, and an insurer that has paid out over $2 billion in claims to Australians over the past two years Frank’s family was better protected and he was paying less.

Frank has since returned to us and we’re helping him with his Income Protection claim. As he recovers from knee surgery this money will help him support his family while he’s unable to work.

How Maggie Saved On Life Insurance


Funding her premium through her Self-Managed Super Fund.

After years of paying premiums to the same insurer Maggie found herself in trouble when they suddenly refused to renew her policy. Due to a change in her health and her finances, she was told that no insurers would protect her. That’s when she came to us.

Our advisers were not only able to get Maggie the peace of mind that an underwritten life insurance policy brings; they also helped her save a few thousand dollars on her yearly premium. She was even able to save on her out of pocket expenses by opting to fund the new premium through her SMSF (self-managed super fund).

Maggie is now in the process of upping her cover to include a Trauma Insurance benefit with the help of one of our Senior Advisers.
With our help she’s making the journey from uninsurable to fully protected.

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Zurich Life Insurance FAQ


Zurich Life Insurance is provided by the Australian arm of a global company called Zurich Financial Services Group. Zurich acquired Commonwealth General Assurance Corporation (CGA) in 1961, continuing CGA’s tradition of providing coverage to Australians. CGA covered Australians who become disabled or injured since first beginning operations in 1920. Today, Zurich Australia continues to offer affordable and comprehensive coverage options to help individuals and families in case of unexpected health issues or untimely deaths. When you need the peace of mind of ensuring you and your loved ones will receive financial help if you get sick or someone passes away, shop for coverage through Zurich Financial Services Group.


All Protection Plus plans offered by Zurich Life Insurance include:

  • Guaranteed future insurability without underwriting at certain times once coverage has been obtained.
  • Premium freezes, which make it possible to keep premiums the same without reducing cover.
  • Insured child options, providing death benefits, terminal illness benefits, and trauma benefits for each insured child.
  • Protection from inflation, since coverage increases yearly with the Consumer Price Index.

Other features vary depending upon policy type. Policyholders and their beneficiaries, for example, may receive a death benefit, terminal illness benefit, accidental injury benefit, and death or trauma buy back benefits to reinstate coverage after claims. It is important to understand the features of the specific Zurich Life Insurance policy purchased so you will know what types of protections you have.


Zurich Life has a wide range of different coverage options so policyholders can secure comprehensive protection in case of any unexpected tragedies. Coverage options include:

  • Term life insurance: Policyholders may purchase coverage with an unlimited death benefit pending underwriting, so you can ensure your family gets as much money as you believe they need. Term life insurance may also be coupled with TPD insurance or trauma insurance.
  • Trauma insurance: Trauma life cover will pay in case you become disabled. Money provided by trauma insurance allows you to cover medical bills and other costs associated with sustaining a trauma. Up to $2 million in trauma insurance cover is available and you can purchase a policy for the first time up to age 59.
  • Income Replacement Insurance: Up to 75 percent of your income can be protected in case illness or injury prevents you from being able to continue working. Maximum cover is $10,000 and you can buy income replacement insurance for the first time up to age 59.
  • Needlestick Insurance: Healthcare workers and others in high-risk professions can receive up to $1 million in coverage in case of diagnosis with a blood borne disease. This type of cover can be purchased for the first time up to age 69.

Death benefit cover ensures your surviving dependents are cared for, but you need several different types of insurance protection to protect yourself and your family in case of any serious medical condition or injury. Shop for a comprehensive policy that protects your income, pays out if you cannot work are diagnosed with a serious illness, and provides benefits in case of terminal illness or death. Each person has different coverage needs, but it is best to err on the side of insuring against all risks that could cause you or your family to experience financial harm.


Policyholders insured through Zurich Life Insurance receive member benefits including interim cover to put coverage in place as soon as applications are submitted; a premium waiver option so no premiums must be paid when disabled, and the option to increase cover each year without the need to provide additional health information. A financial planning advice benefit to reimburse the cost of financial planning is also a service offered to policyholders, and policyholders are eligible for inflation protection so coverage increases annually in line with the Consumer Price Index.

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Get your competitive quotes from our comprehensive panel of Life Insurance Partners.